Wednesday, April 22, 2009


THOSE trusty, rusty, busty Chippy-woulds...Men all want them...Junkers hunts them...they are the craaaaazeee-est GIRLS! Hooray for Chippywood! ...............BUT WE AREN"T STUPID.
Do YOU REALLY think we are going to give away REAL U.S. CURRENCY as our anniversary prize? Please, step away from the Helium Balloon Machines, Ladies.

Be careful what you wish took us a year to get COULD take us that long to disburse the prize money, I mean, white elephant, I mean the grand prize ( and remember there is always a '1st Runner Up' in case the prize winner can't fulfill her duties as directed by our covenants which were adopted by the Bored Of dierEctions, etc.

xo lulu & Lauri


One Vintage Hag said...

laurie & lulu,
now if you are giving something away you know i'm in ~ the hamper, the hat, the chippy wood dresser whatever your pot, put me in.
now ~ my friend lulu ~ we are easy to find, whenever you start on your adventure from cumming area ~ just take 20 towards buford, then towards lawrenceville and once past lville you will deadend into hwy 124 (scenic hwy) ~ turn right and follow that to the ville (that'd be snellville) ~ we're at 2229 on the right ~ past ronald reagan blvd & just past oak drive.
looking foward to your RV in the parking lot ~ and your birthday suit will be the best I'm sure.

xo ~ your friend the ~OVH
one vintage hag

(for those who don't know my lulu given initials).

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

You girls might as well save yourselves a little time. Just have us all play for 1st runner up cause we all know that Trash Talk will win the sucker! Sigh. She is luckier than a three...never mind!


Trailer Trash said...

OH THANK YOU GIRLS for Joining in the raffle, it just wouldn’t be a party without you.

LULU, I have gotta quit commin’ up after you on other peoples blogs, I have fallin’ out of my chair twice tonight with laughter… WHAT THE HELL ARE ASS KNUCKELS???????????

WAIT< Let me get a drink first…….- not sure I wanna know…..

XOXOXOX Trailer Trash

Cher said...

Yup. Trash talkin' will win every time! Let ban her from playing. All who agree, say Amen!

The Texas Woman

trash talk said...

You know can ban me from this contest 'cause I am already a winner with friends like y'all! You two and your friendship with this trash talking gal from Texas is worth more than money, diamonds or gold (but not a necklace or bracelet made by y'all). Thank you for showing your love for me and my family in the biggest Southern Girl way! I love you two very much! Now continue with the throwdown giveaway!

misselaineous said...

HHAAA! Lovin' the comments on this giveaway! I don't care what the prize is...put my name in there, pretty please? I'll go up against Talkin' Trash...we all know how lucky she is, but we love her anyway! *elaine*

One Vintage Hag said...

girl-y friends,
take a peak at my little blog today ~ meaning every single word.
thanks for sharing all your talents.
~one vintage hag

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

lulu! Thanks for stopping by today. Giveaway? Money? Prizes? Things? Bring it on! And happy anniversary! ~Mindy

Magnolia Memories08 Seeing With The Heart said...

Laurie & Lulu whatever up for the prize i would love to be added. this is my first time to visit your blog to cute for words.i love ya'll.I will continue to follow this blog. it seems to have alot going on.i sure don't want to miss not visiting a day i will miss something.
have a great day


I love giveaways! And I'll take on Trash Talk any day! Just get the camera out, she'll strike a pose and I'll take her down! You know I'm only saying this because I love her!! And I haven't made her laugh in a day or two.... Maggie

Anonymous said...