Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We have a gracious plenty of trees on our property. HOLY COW! Monday we had 60 mph winds here at Greenjeans! Did I tell you we have a lot of trees surrounded our house? WEEEELLLL....I watched TWO 80' TALL TREES fall on another HUGE tree. 30 minutes later They All Fell Down! thankfully AWAY from my house. Two more had to be tumped over so you wouldn't be reading my obituary instead of my Tall Tale. Of COURSE, I cannot find my camera only my phone camera. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT SEND A PICTURE TO THE BLOG. I did manage to send a couple to Lauri. Maybe she'll take pity on me and post them.
I have to venture into the 'lulu's Bermuda Triangle-of-Hell-lost&Found' and find said camera OR YOU WILL be reading my obit b/c my Adorable Husband is ANNOYED that the camera is MIA. I saw it during The Black Hole of Show weekend but... SO, That is what I have been doing ALL WEEK so far. Glad to be alive, kickin', bitchin' and screamin' AND BLOGGIn'
xo lulu