Saturday, July 12, 2008

These little Chippys went to market...

We are fortunate to live in the Atlanta area for a number of reasons.  Twice a year the Merchandise, Apparel Marts and Inforum become THE MARKET for buyers/exhibitors all over the country.  We love to go because we're

a.  masochists.  We LOVE to troll through 3 18-story buildings looking at the Mother lode of consumerism.

b. masochists.  We HAVE to get our creative juices flowing by trolling up/down escalators in 3 18-story buildings looking at displays.

c. masochists.  We NEED to see why we are so lucky to be junkers and have one-of-a-kind objects.

d. masochists.  We MUST sample every kind of morsel & tidbit in the FOOD temporaries.  This usually takes place AFTER we've had lunch and invariably leads to unexplained time warps lasting up to 2 hours.

I ran into an old friend from college (UGA... GO DAWGS!).  Katherine was helping her brother hawk his fabulous BBQ sauce.  Anyone who is breathing in Atlanta knows Low Country Barbeque.  Bennett Brown's business has grown from a tiny start-up to a full-blown catering enterprise, bricks-&-mortar 'Q places ( new restaurant in Johns Creek), and now BBQ Sauce at the retail level!  Yum Yum.   check it out.  thanks for the fab tastes!!!! 

Once we were escorted out of left the Food aisles we followed up on a lead Katherine told us about involving Baby heads...

BOY-OH-BOY did we hit the jackpot yesterday!  The artist is Tom Finks of Primitive Twig.  He & his wife, Marcia, are metal artists from New York City.  These dolls are made of Baby doll heads(!), antique tins, found objects and vintage bits and pieces.  Lauri is trying to secure a position as their 'head' vendor!  We told him he'd be a HIT at Marburger!!! Blogistan...hold onto your spice cans!  We present Spice Girls!

spicegirl3 spicegirl4


       lulu's score                       The Artiste and lulu.

Please check out their web site.  They've been creating these wonderful dolls for 18 years!  We're totally inspired and fired up about JUNKIN' and REPURPOSING, & BBQ   Thanks Bill & Bennett!

xo lulu


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

And the one thing she forgot to mention is the BOOZE, they like to get you liquored up, so you will buy lots of stuff. And as for me well that's the main reason I go, the Booze. Cheers, Lauri

Sweet Repose said...

Masochist-A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences.

Ok...I get it now, that is what the booze is for, to ease the pain of unpleasant for me!!!


Anonymous said...

I work in the Gardens in the Merchandise Mart and would love to meet you guys in person! I love reading your blog and I think you know my best friend Cindy from The Plum Tree Antiques. Next time you come to a show stop by The Gardens!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You girls have way way too much fun!! That's what I like about ya'll!!

Rescued For You said...

Oh Girls,
I'm SO glad that you had a good time! Masochists?? Hmm...maybe. But sounds like ya had more fun than pain! hahaha And the 'spice girls' tins?? Oh My Gawd! Now THAT is what ya call repurposed! I love um!!!! What a gem you got LuLu!!! What did you get, Lauri....besides booze!?!?! hehehe
Smiles Girls,

lulu said...

love the spice girls. When I go to the small gift show we have here in Seattle become so overly visually stimulated that I just about pass out. Congratulations on making it thru. OX Luluz

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey, something looks different here?? Hmmm, love the new look!

Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

Love the dolls! Sounds like you guys have lots of fun, too...I'm a new blogger, check me out...