Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swap a la Francais or HOLY COW I GOT THE MOTHER LODE

Hallo! C'est moi, lulu!  I was lucky enough to participate in a french-inspired swap with other bloggers. Thank you, Shelley/Sweet Pea, for making this all happen.  I was lucky enough to swap goodies with Donna of Annie, Fannie & Abigail blog.  MON DIEU!  I cannot begin to tell you how generous, wonderful and SO 'lulu' this parcel is.  Firstly, there were 21, yes 21, individually wrapped packets of stuff.

Swaps 001 Swaps 002

Swaps 003 Swaps 004

Swaps 001 Swaps 005

all kinds of goodies....lots of letters that spell "paris", oo la la, frenchy, funky...but I will tell on myself: when I first took the photos I didn't realize some were two-sided....

 Swaps 013Swaps 016

But, then, DUH, I turned them over and VOILA: Swaps 015

I can use the pieces of metal and the cross, religious medals in my Junk Jewelry and LOOK AT THOSE FROU FROU EAT-Your-Heart-Out GLOVES..sheer! The jar holds BEADED black trim...the jar is gorgeous in its own right...

Swaps 012 Swaps 010

You can't tell but these are MIRRORED buttons on the original cards, post cards and more mirrored thingamajigs THAT I JUST LOVE AND WOULD BUY FOR MYSELF!!!!

Swaps 008 Swaps 006

All the pretty laces, and wonderful french cards, millenery leaves and posies..oh my and the photo of all the goodies opened.

Swaps 011 Swaps 014

How about a couple of old collars that say it all ('Paris'  'France' )as does my expression! They were in a box labeled 'FUN' and the frame pieces were in a box labeled 'FRAGMENTS'.  I CAN"T STAND HOW FAB YOU ARE, DONNA!!!!!!

Swaps 007 Swaps 009

So, I bid mes amis Adieu! and merci merci beaucoup, Donna!

oxoxxo lulu, your newest BFF


sweetpea said...

Wow Lulu girl~~looks like you done good! So glad you were part of this.


lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Hey can I have them keys????? chips

Diana Leitner and Donna Cedergreen said...

Lulu-sorry about the mix up with the cards-you got the right package. Mary's is very similar to yours. We had a great time putting them together! XO Donna and Diana

trash talk said...

It is so you! Love the new that for Zapp!

Anonymous said...

What great things ! Dianan and Donna always have the best finds! Sue

Artsy Fartsy said...

Oh I am loving all those little finds!!! Greatstash! Janna