Friday, February 27, 2009

It's been a good week for Butter Pats......

Did I mention that I love butter pats???? Well actually I have a love affair with butter pats, okay okay, I am obsessed with them. I admit it. There is just something about how sweet they look all stacked up. And I have to give the credit to Theresa Smith for first loving them and turning me on to them. I just remember seeing all of hers all stacked up in her cupboard in Country Living magazine. And at that time I didn't even know Theresa, I just adored her from afar. I mean she is a know. I will never forget the first time Lulu and I saw her at Scott's we literally got down on our knees and bowed. And who knew that I would be able to find so many butter pats. Cause trust me it ain't easy to find them. Most of them I did get in Texas, and a lot of them sweet people have given me. That's the best part, cause they are all special. But, this week I have kinda hit the mother load. You see one of our sweet friends came to see us at Lakewood and wouldn't you know brought us a butter pat. Yes she was being nice, she brought Lulu one too. (But, you know it is mine.) A while back we were fortunate enough to meet Pat and Gerri from Refind Maison Jardin in Powder Springs and sweet Gerri brought them to us. Thank you so much for such a sweet gesture..,......Here it is,
Now that's not all here are two more that Ms. Trash of Talking White Trash sent me just because she loves me,

Now this little stack of eight no less, a sweet lady sent me from ebay, because I sent her 13.00,

And last but not least, I just found Sweet Sue of Bella Shabby and she had these little cuties for sale on her blog along with this fabulous sugar bowl. So I managed to talk her out of those. Money always talks. And don't you just love that sugar bowl with the lid no less. In true Rubbish (Janet Romine) fashion. I feel just like Janet with this sugar bowl and a quarter of all the butter pats she probably has.

So as I said its been a good week for butter pats.........Cheers, Lauri
P.S. That's 232 TOT!!!!!!

HELLO! This lulu. I'm glad lauri started PAYING for some of these butter pats! I did receive a butter pat from Gerri. Lauri was SO MEAN. She insisted that I give her MINE. NEVER. I have 5 just to annoy her. These are 5 she thinks she's getting. Are you familiar with the term 'when pigs fly'? Just making sure. Of course, it's been awhile since anyone sent me anything of note (dryer lint must be scarce). I think it pays to be on Lauri's BPP (butter pat payroll). She alone can keep part of the economy up and running. Well. I have a new post I need to start working on. It begins with a T and ends with an S. giddy up ox lulu


Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Hey, Lauri! Long talk! Are you girls going to have a booth at Warrenton or just shop? Because of Lurch's condition, I will just be shopping and attending the party! Yes, I am bringing your jug! Can't wait for you to see it! Plus I have a very cool butter pat for you! It will be your favorite ever! I guarantee you won't have one like it! Check out my post and participate in our Treasure Hunt! The hunt will be on Sunday, March 15th. Gonna have to register before that...details coming Sunday!

Good to see you post again! Can't wait to see you in person!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

A good haul, indeed! I must tell you that I never see a butter pat that I don't think of you. ~Mindy

Frippery said...

Butter pat heaven. I posted about your beautiful necklace Thursday. I received it the day of my Mardi Gras dinner and wore it that night. Everyone loved it. I told them all wear more could be found. Thanks again, Pam

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Girl, you are going to be known as the Butter Pat Queen. We'll bow down to you when we see you in Warrenton!! Can't wait to visit, have fun, and just see you!!

Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

Hi! I just found your great blog! Love it!

Visit me at:


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauri , So good to see they arrived all safe and sound. Next time I run onto plain white butter pats I'll send you an email. All the ironstone looks Lovely. Sue

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Well I happen to be showing my butter pats also!
Theresa is sort of a neighbor :) I'm also in Ky. I loved her Country Living write up and the amazing ironstone bp's is what I remember most!

Found Around said...

Hi Girls! I know I need to be getting ready for Warrenton, but I'm just having a hard time finding the energy these days. I hope you are planning on coming. I'm going to try and work my schedule where I can go to the prom this year! I have always had to miss it and I really want to go. I found a really great orange petticoat yesterday, but was disappointed because it was rotten!! Rats...Love ya'll

countrycharisma said...

You sure got some great ones! Wonder if there is a catagory in Guiness for biggest butter pat collection in the world? It's a goal!

ozjane said...

What I was brought up to call Butter Pats were two pieces of wood. A handle and a rectangle piece which was striped.
You used them to pat the butter together into the shape of a Pat..or rectangle ...back in those days probably a pound in weight.
We had one jersey cow and made all our own butter. Mum was so good at it that when Dad went to market he was very easily able to sell any excess we had.
So I was taught to make it properly. Lots of water, lots of salt and lots of washing until the water was clear. Then we shaped the pieces with the butter pats.
I love the butter curls.
I have some white containers...could be pate or butter containers and I enjoy putting curls of butter in them.