Friday, February 13, 2009

Debbie Does Dallas at a Trashy Party.......Oooops

I tried my best to find a picture of me when I was skinny.........and this was the best I could do. Did some one say attention!!!!!Anyway I should have done this post before I started drinking cause Deb's gonna kill me when she reads the title. But, I am so honored to be invited and so honored the prize is mine, I mean for me. And I am not talking about the necklace. I am talking about Cat Daddy. Don't you just love him........ I love a big Texas man, and he rides bare back you know, or at least he did. That's okay I am sure TNT, ain't lettin' us out of her sight. But, when I wasn't sure I was going to win I did find this picture of me and my buddy, David Lee Murphy.......I know you're saying who????? I realize most of you ain't old enough to know who he is but, you have probably heard the song Party Crowd. And I do like this picture for three reasons.
1. I am skinny
2. I am 10 years younger and
3. I love David Lee Murphy (even if he was drunk)

And here is a picture of Lulu with MY date, as usual she always gets the guy.........Love ya'll, and everybody head on over to Talkingwhitetrash for the party and party on sistas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lauri


Antiques and More Blog said...

What a precious baby you were and you're still a cutie! Cheers! Here's to Debbie!

Oh! BTW, hope it's o.k. to add you to my blog list.


trash talk said...

You better believe I'm keeping my eye on the two of you. Cat Daddy just came in here, peeked over my shoulder at what I was reading,lit up like a firecracker and went to take a shower!!! The house reeks of Brute! Only the good stuff for you babydoll. He just asked if you will be wearing the same outfit as in the photo? He'd really like that.
You posted some smokin' hot pix my honey baked ham.
No I don't mind the title, in fact I'd like to get the info out that I'm also available for Atlanta, Houston, and anywhere else I can do.
I'll be seating you two where it is well lit so don't ask for a dark corner.
Have fun and have him home by midnight or he turns into a real bitch!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Did someone mention drinks? Good times!


So! You are the woman who won the date with Cat Daddy?!? Lucky you! Maybe you could spare him for a dance or two.?.?..
I'm hoping to win the FaB U LoUS necklace. See you at the party.... Maggie

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Lulu definitely has the hot seat! She'll have to take a backseat to you, tonight! Rock on with CD! But, remember...home by midnight. We want to keep Deb happy!

trash talk said...

Hey my sweet Georgia honey baked ham, I just came over from Maggie the Cat's and I saw your suggestion about outfits and loved it. I'm going to put all of MY posse's names in a hat and choose one of y'all for a separate giveaway for joining me in all this hot mess!!! Whatcha think about that?
I had forgotten all about Lulu being all over C.D. like a cheap suit! She and I are going to have to have a little talk for sure.
OK, cupcake, I'm going to fix me another dirty martini if I can find that lottle of biquor. It's here somewhere! Tn'T

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauri , Warm up a bottle and join me for a drink :0)over at Deb's. I sent you an email about the butter pats. Talk to you soon. Sue

trash talk said...

Just doing a bed check. Are you in bed and did you leave all men at the party? Thank you so much for helping me throw what I think was a fun party. You are the best ever and I love you like a sister! You have sweet dreams and I'll talk to you in the morning. Debbie

Frippery said...

I'm hoping I won that necklace! You know you deserved a little Cat Daddy time for creating such a beautiful piece. (I mean the necklace of course) Burp. Great Party, Pam

suzeeez said...

I love that picture of when you were little....I'm smiling here.
Too cute! :o) Sue

Wendy said...

Okay, that baby picture cracks me up. What an attitude! :)

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

I don't know David Lee Murphy...but you are right...he was drunk! Wooeee! Oh, girl, you were a hot mama then! Well, you still are...but you were firecracker hot then!

Your baby picture is precious! By the way, my legs today look just like your legs in your baby photo!