Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chippy Fav #8 Magnolia Pearl

texas 069

Magical, absolutely beautiful things.  I had often heard and seen pictures of these gorgeous clothes and purses, but not until I saw them in person did I believe how pretty they really are.  The entire booth is like walking into another world.  It just draws you in and about a $1000 later you leave and wonder what happened to you.   lulu's texas 061At one point I lost Lulu and when I found her she had transformed into a Magnolia Pearl model, yes she took her clothes off, (again) and was wearing the most adorable outfit.  And for those of you who are wondering, I am the chubby one on the left and Lulu is on the right doing a Colgate commercial.  John (Robin's husband is in the middle), can't wait to go back and check this stuff out again.  Chippy Fav #8, Magnolia Pearl.texas 071

Lulu here in her new Magnolia Pearl duds. 


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Magnolia Pearl is definately a feast for the eyes. You can wear her clothes in Texas and no one thinks twice about it, but I've heard from diff. friends that if they wear them in their state (of course not Texas), they really get a lot of interesting stares. They just don't get it I'm sure!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

People love my pantaloons. I got more compliments the day I wore my outfit here. I must confess I was a bit leery but they are so wonderful and ephemeral!
xo lulu

sweetpea said...

Hello ladies! Okay I must weigh in on these clothes. First off don't you just feel "different" when you wear them? I mean like pretty and flirty and just fun? I too am a convert and I LOVE my pantaloons! So comfy! BUT I will admit that Publix grocery store in Winter Park FL is NOT ready for the flouncy lace outfits I have been seen there in lately! Do I care? Not even a speck!

Own It Girls!

Love Ya Both (you too Theresa!)

cottagetiques said...

Well girls I've been a convert for over 3 years and my closet is full of Magnolia Pearl. When I wear my dudes I get a lot of compliments from young people. And when I wear my Pearl to church everyone thinks my clothes are antique! My girls call it gypsy wear. Love you all, Lauri, LuLu, Theresa and Shelly! Can't wait to see you all again.

Ms. Wendy's Antiques said...

Hey Ladies, I am really enjoying your blog, I received a comment from you on Ms. Wendy's blog, but could not answer it since I did not have your email address. Please send it to me.
Thanks Wendy

Ms. Wendy's Antiques said...

Me again, my email is
Hope to see you soon!