Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chippy Fav #7

 lulu's texas 026

Rubbish, this girl is the sweetest ever.  Once again a find of Theresa Cano (The Warrenton Encyclopedia).  Janet Romine has the best eye for unusual stuff.  And she is the queen of flash cards, you name it she's gotem, not to mention she has cornered the market on butter pats, there were just to many to choose from.  Also, she  has an incredible selection of ironstone.  We drooled all through her booth.  The day we saw her it was her birthday, Happy Birthday,again Janet!  (She doesn't think she is a princess she's just wearing the crown cause its her birthday......Or I don't know maybe she does?????  If you love ironstone you must look her up in Coles' Antiques.  Chippy fav #7, Rubbish.  Lauri

show 001

On another adventure this morning Lulu and I headed out to a little local antique show and here are some pictures of some of the great stuff I got.......I feel just like Theresa Cano.  2Chippys Lauri

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Love love love it all!! Who is this Theresa Cano you keep talking about? He he!!!! :-)