Thursday, April 24, 2008



Austin, Texas!

Lauri was forced decided to take a writing break.

While in Texas we day tripped over to Austin.  It is one cool city. 

We hit only a few places but they were sublime chippy temples!

UNCOMMON OBJECTS (see link @ end of pg)

The store sign sports a rather large rabbit sitting atop it.  We were greeted with display cases full of sparkling jewelry, bits and whatnot.  Oh and the full size teaching skeleton hanging out to our right!

TEXAS 08 040

We spent 3 hours (I think that's our M.O. for stores we love) pouring over every item in there.  Vintage clothing, religious ephemera, out-of-the-ordinary-things-your-mama-wouldn't-approve-of-you buying and more.

TEXAS 08 041From left: skeleton, shop girl and shop girl.

We sauntered down the block for lunch (3:00pm) because it was taking so long to ring up my purchases.  GUERO'S Taco Stand is so yummy!  I almost ordered a 'Texas' Margarita but realized where I was.  It's just a plain ol' 'rita to them!  Who knew?

Our last stop in SOCO (South Congress) was Allen Boots.  Alas, the boot genies were working against us and we left bootless.  I will buy those orange boots upon my return in the Fall.  Lookout. 

Austin is Chippy #5 collective.  Oh BTW Lauri didn't propose to ANYONE in Austin.

xo lulu

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE....this store. This is the store that my husband has to literally pry me out of and then as he's grabbing my arm to pull me out the door, my head is turning like crazy, like in the Exercist Movie, wild!! Even the clerks are saying I really want to go home, could you come back another day? He he!!