Saturday, May 17, 2008


Nobody does it better...setting up outside at Lakewood 400 Antique Show.  I am not just bragging.  Well I am but we act like we're in our own little world store.  We're also too cheap to pay for a tiny space inside at 2x the price.  Of course we have to dodge 'weather events'. We thought we were SO SMARTIthis month because we bought a tent!  We decorated and displayed until we were delirious.  AND THEN THE $^*% hit the small fan.  We shoot first and ask questions later as a rule.  Apparently the Fire Marshall didn't appreciate our artistic interpretations or sense of style because he blew the lid off our roof.  AND I HAVE AN 'IN' WITH FIREMEN if you recall our blog about Columbus, TX firemen (Chief Walla).  We had to take the cover off of our frame. Bummer.  It started to rain a bit right after that, natch.  We were 'allowed' to put the cover back on since it was raining AND NOT A FIRE HAZARD!  Ya think?Lakewood 5 08 006Lakewood 5 08 003 Lakewood 5 08 005 Lakewood 5 08 004 



Lakewood 5 08 008 Lakewood 5 08 002

Any way...we somehow managed.  See this china cabinet...Lauri scored a good buy on this.  She doesn't want it to sell.  I can completely understand.  I didn't bring that 8' mirror for that same reason.  Since we are masochists we will TOTALLY redo the booth tomorrow and Sunday.  Please pray for sunshine :)

Lakewood 5 08 007So I leave you with this cubby of if we wouldn't have a Baby somewhere!

We'd also like to say 'hey' to Sandra from Tennessee.  We met her today.  She was on our blog prior to coming to Atlanta!   We were tickled...and so was she.  What a sweetheart!

Happy Treasure Hunting !

oxox lulu & Lauri


dede warren said...

Oh what great stuff you two have! I am wondering if it's possible to buy a baby from you online? You sure have some cuties! Please let me know...
thanks, Dede

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Ok L & L, ya'll did a fabulous job!! Now, what you don't sell load it up and bring in the fall to the Texas show. I understand from a little birdy, won't name any names to protect the innocent, that ya'll are coming to Texas in the Fall. All I can say is YYYYYYYYaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! I'm so looking forward to the party I've planned that you don't know about !!

pinkroses said...

OK Kids, you've been blogged! Make sure to check my Flickr to see comments folks have made on your photos...LOVED seeing you today! xo suzanne

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Girls, I have come over after reading about you on Suzanne's blog. You have such great stuff in your booth. Good Luck with the weather.

Little Pink Studio said...

Just found you via Suzanne! I'm in TN, and you can bet I'll be coming to Atlanta sometime this summer!
Your booth looks darling! LOVE all of your baby doll heads! I'd be happy to be one of those from you anytime! :0)

sandra said...

Hey Lulu & Lauri...I loved meeting ya'll Friday @ Lakewood. You're right, your booth was awesome, definitely the best one there. Fantastic merchandise arranged beautifully. What more can you ask? Look forward to seeing ya'll in Texas in the fall, if I don't make it back to Lakewood beforehand. sandra
(My flickr account is skblanks)

Mya said...

Love your stuff. Looks like you do a wonderful job setting up. Hope the weather holds out. Let me know if you ever are in Michigan.

Sarah said...

Just found you through Pink Roses. Your booth is so pretty! Texas is GREAT! I'm not bias or anything!