Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coin Purse Necklaces make me smile!

How adorable are these little purses.  My sweet friend Janet of Sweet Talk and Rubbish, sent these to me after I ask her about getting some in Texas.  And did she get some good ones.  They are perfect.  How cute is that little bitty one???? Love it.  I was so excited about how much every loved the necklaces in Texas this show and sold all the ones I had.  My friend Tina brought me five more when she came out to Texas so I made those up and sold four of those.  The only problem I have is finding the darn things.  So maybe I'll just keep asking my friends to send them and that will do the trick.  I was so excited I had to make one up to wear tomorrow for Lakewood.  Sorry I don't have pictures yet, I was just so busy trying to shop and get more stuff to set up, I forgot to get pictures.  But, I promise to take some tomorrow.  Or you can just come out and see me yourself. 

Here's the finished product.  Love it!!!  Thanks Janet, and you are getting a big surprise for this!!!!! Cheers, lauri


Curtains In My Tree said...

Love that little bitty purse necklace. Iknow they will sell high priced $$$$$ but I still love them.
You have a very good friend to send them to you. I love my very good friends also. I can't wait to go to the marburger show next spring. I am ready now.

I look at your blog often.


Janet said...

omg! so cute! i'll keep looking for them!

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