Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Longest Yardsale 2010

Hey y'all, back from my annual trek to Kentucky for the Longest Yard Sale, all in all it was a pretty good trip. Lots more traffic than the years past and super HOT, 103 the first day!!!! But, the stuff was the best. I have been going to the yardsale since the beginning so I have been able to find some pretty good spots and not have to stop at every stop, it pays to know where to avoid and when to go around certain places, because it does get overwhelming after a while, you can only look at so much glass wear and toys...........but, the best part of the trip was gettin to see my best buds, Theresa and Craig Smith and her darling girls. I was able to stay in white heaven and the best part, I went shopping in Theresa's shop, and her garage!!!! I won't show you that stuff cause its not for sale. Here are some pictures of what I got!!!!!

I bout died when I found these old shoes, I have been wanting some to wear with Magnolia Pearl, just like the pearl girls.......and look Shelley, they fit!!!!!!!
And of course, butter pats!!!! Cheers, lauri


Found Around said...

Great stuff! It's so hot, I can't even think about working on Warrenton stuff. I better put on my big girl panties and get moving!

sweetpea said...

looks like a good haul. glad you are home safe. lovin' the shoes. we are gonna be twins.



Anonymous said...

I like your style and what you picked up at the yard sale. I would of purchased the same things!!

countrycharisma said...

I had to miss this year again. Loved your haul and the shoes look so cute. Good to see what you got.carrell

time-worn interiors said...

girl I haven't even had time to get my stuff out of the truck yet! I painted at Sarahs house when you left and of course I had to work today! Maybe tomorrow!

Six in One Hand said...

So glad that you had a great time!!!!

You definitely got some awesome stuff!!!!

If you need free labor and someone to help you then I'm your girl!!!

trash talk said...

Girl...tell me you put some odor eaters in those shoes before you put them on! They are 2die4 cute...but!
Love the little leather purse and the cow print. You really hauled!

Sweet Repose said...

Are you gals gonna take the box truck next time...what a hoot!!! Glad y'all are home safe!!!


Sea Witch said...

Gold, I tell You struck treasure over the longest yard sale. I'm sea green with envy but delighted with what you found. Sea Witch

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oooo.... LOVE the shoees!! I just got my first adult pair of cowgirl boots so I'm feeling a little more ready for Texas (though it'll probably be too hot and I'll end up in flipflops like I always do). Will you be there this year? We have an extra bedroom in the house we're renting if you need a place (wink, wink). It's right in Brenham. I'm so hoping that we'll get to see you again!! And your old shoes too.

Blesisngs... Polly

Curtains In My Tree said...

I am sooooooo jealous. I have always wanted to do that. looks like some goodies to me

vintagesue said...

great hauls!!! remember back in the day when you could find vintage leather shoes at any given thrift shop for 50 cents? why are they so hard to find now???? they look great.
you'll have so much fun in texas next time sportin those
take care

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

My eyes just can't get enough of this fantastic haul. I guess going for all these years really pays off with knowing the right places to go and which ones to avoid. I think I'd be-a-stop'n at all of them. How are the prices?
Happy hunting.