Monday, December 21, 2009

Lakewood Show

I had a great show at Lakewood this weekend. It was so good to see everyone and get out. And I actually had a lot of sales. I couldn't believe it lots of people were out and buying. I sold a lot of Christmas and several necklaces. I was so excited, people are still interested in the Junk Necklaces. And a big ole thanks to my sweet friend Kim for coming to see me and not freaking out, cause I cried. And to Miss Sassy Trash for giving me a big hug. There are so many wonderful folks in the junk business you just got to know this is a great place to be........And thanks to all of my regulars who all came out and bought something. (I don't know if they really wanted the stuff or they just thought I needed the boost.) Anyway it went a long way toward my therapy. I love you all, Lauri

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


time-worn interiors said...

Oooo! I love that first picture! Glad you had a good show! It won't be long now!! You know what I mean!

Found Around said...

I knew junk therapy was good! Love ya, Susan

Janet said...

so glad you had a great show! no doubt your mama would be proud of her girl! Merry Christmas!

Sweet Repose said...

Hope you got your Iowa hug from Sassy Trash, I hoped she'd see ya!!!

You have a wonderful Christmas this year and know I'm thinkin' about ya in freezin ol' Ioway...tell me again why I moved from ya girl!!!