Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cheryls' Cottage Home

Hey y'all, I am busier than a bee, trying to hold my new grand baby in one arm and loading stuff for Texas with the other.  I sure hope they will let me take him with me........What are the charges for kidnapping, across state lines?????  Anyway, I just had to share with you this great blog right here in Georgia.  This sweet girl, contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to do some slips for her chairs in her dining room.  Aren't they just to die for!?!?!? I think I have a winner here, everyone is just loving the monogram slips and if you want some too, check out my Elsy.  Oh and go over and check out Cheryls' blog.    Cheers, lauri


sweetpea said...

pretty pretty. can't wait to see you girlfriend!



countrycharisma said...

slipcovers are very nice. You have done such good work on them. Good luck in TX!